Services & Products

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Innovative Services
World wide access, realtime, affordable and whether it is based on opensource, custom programming, or combination of all of them.
We will build it for you.
When you need a specific software application for internal usage with more reliability and faster access. Create more fashionable user interface and reports. Rp CALL!
Effective, efficient and organized network design and setup. More reliability with bandwidth shaping, dynamic routing, web cache, network address translation and firewall. Rp CALL!
Specific purpose hardware with Microcontroller, ADC, XTALL, OP AMP, any active and pasife components necessary. Carefully design and intensively tested before delivery. Rp CALL!
We welcome any consultation and will do our very best to provide the best solution for you and it is free. Rp FREE!
Innovative Softwares and Hardwares
One smart parking software for your precious parking area. Customisable, affordable and proven since 2002. Optional magnetic card, barcode card, image capture and printed ticket. Rp CALL!
Turn your cell into an SMS server. Receive an unlimited number of incoming messages and send hundreds, even thousands, in one single click. And many more to support your business. Rp CALL!
Get more from your incoming call as tool of customer relationship management. Statistic, polling, game and many more you could have. Rp CALL!
It is a TV. It is a PC. It is both, TV and PC.
Completes each other for the best entertainment and interactive experience.